About Us

Our Vision

We are focused on empowering innovators. We believe training machine learning models should be simple, fast, and painless. Data scientists and engineers use Engine ML to develop their models at scale with reproducibility. We will help you use the right infrastructure for your task, whether that means a GPU server on your desk, or a fleet of preemptible cloud VMs. Teams of any size can use Engine ML to collaborate on building better models. By making training easier, we help accelerate the deployment of AI technologies so we can get to the future faster.

Our Team

Engine ML was founded by practitioners impressed by the extent of recent advances in deep learning yet frustrated by the lack of tools to help them achieve their goals. Our team members have expertise in deep learning, infrastructure, and building great user experiences.

Our Business

We build software that makes training machine learning models simple, fast, and painless. Engine ML abstracts away the annoying and difficult parts of the stack. Data scientists and engineers use Engine ML to scalably, reproducibly, train deep learning models on desktop hardware and fleets of powerful cloud VMs.

Our Investors

Kleiner Perkings Catapult